Chainmail Leggings Butted Chainmail Blackend



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Chainmail Leggings Butted Chainmail Blackend

Nasir Ali & Co., the internationally renowned name for quality, reliability, efficiency, competivity and performance and well-accepted manufacturers of Musical Equipment’s and instruments and Handmade Product Largest Collection Of Diving Helmet, Armour Suit, Shield ,Medieval Helmet Replica, Reenactment Body Metallic Suits, Telescopes, Ship Wheels, or Many More Vintage Nautical or Maritime Items in All over India and the other countries in the World. Nasir Ali & Co. started its own manufacturing unit in Meerut, (U.P.) in 1970. Since its inception the companies’ main objective was to keep the quality that can compete with international standards.


Beautifully designed and in perfect Chainmail is available for sale ,  perfect condition And checked by professional. This stylish Butted Chainmail Legi  can professionals and beginners For Play And Roles Mostly Used

Is available for sale at a great discount

we manage best quality in low prices.



  • Ring Type: 16G 10mm
  • Butted Chain Mail Chausses (Belt Fit)
  • Overall Length from Belt – 36 inches
  • Circumference at top (thigh) – 26 inches

Customers outside the continental U.S. , items will be shipped from our instruments factory in India by express courier and shall also arrive within 5 business Please Wait till & You Will Receive It Soon,  However,Then you may be charged import duties/taxes as applicable in your country. This could be between 5% to 20% of the item value, and payment of these charges will be the buyers responsibility.


Payment to be made by


Although we make defect free instruments but also assure you for free replacement of our all the instruments if in rare case found any manufacturing defect in it.

In case you found any defect please contact us with in 15 days of receipts of your instrument and assure you for FREE OF COST replacement or refund your money in full. Shipping fee is not refundable. 



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