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BB Pitch handset blue + brass with case and mouthpiece

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The cornet is a brass instrument very similar to the trumpet, distinguished by the conical hole, compact shape, and mellower. Sound quality The most common instrument is a transposition in B & # x266d ;. The name cornet derives from the cornet, which means horn, from the Latin corpus. The cornet was initially obtained from the post Horn around 1820 in France. croissants first appeared as separate instrumental parts in 19th-century French compositions. Until the beginning of the 20th century, the trumpet and cornet coexisted in musical ensembles. symphonic repertoire often through separate parts for trumpet and cornet.

  • Beautifully designed and in perfect Cornet finish
  • All keys are in perfect working condition, controlled by professionals
  • This elegant Cornet can be used by both professionals and beginners.
  • The most common Cornet is an instrument that is incorporated in B & # x266d ;.
  • The quality that can compete with international standards.


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