The Euphonium  is a baritone-voiced brass instrument that derives its name from the Greek word EUPHONIUM meaning “well-sounding” or “sweet-voiced” (eu means “good” and phonos means “of sound” ,hence “of good sound”). The euphonium is a valved instrument; nearly all current models are piston valved, though rotary valved models do exist. The euphonium is a non-transposing instrument known for its distinctive tone color, wide range, variety of character and agility.

Beautifully designed and in perfect black colored and nickel finish combination, Euphonium is available for sale , all the keys are working in perfect condition ,checked by professionals. This stylish Euphonium can be used by both professionals and beginners. 

Is available for sale at a great discount

we manage best quality in low prices 


Length: 24 inches
Bell Diameter: 10 inches
Hard Case included: YES
Mouthpiece Included: YES
Plays in key of: BB
Color: BLACK
For customers outside the continental U.S., items will be shipped from our instruments factory in India by express courier and shall also arrive within 5 business days. However, you may be charged import duties/taxes as applicable in your country. This could be between 5 to 20% of the item value, and payment of these charges will be the buyers responsibility.


Payment to be made by


Although we make defect free instruments but also assure you for free replacement of our all the instruments if in rare case found any manufacturing defect in it.

In case you found any defect please contact us with in 15 days of receipts of your instrument and assure you for FREE OF COST replacement or refund your money in full. Shipping fee is not refundable.


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