Medieval Barbuta Visored Brushed Steel Knights Templar Crusaders Armour Helmet | Halloween Costume Props By Nasir Ali



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Size Medium – With Padded Fittings & Inlay Top Grain | Thickness – 1mm/19 gauge | Weight – 1600 grams
Great Halloween Costume | Great Larp Costumer – By Larpers For Larpers | Great Corner Accent
Historical design also influenced Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Marvel Comics X-Men costumes

Designed to protect the head during combat, the chin is functional and elegant. The visor is mobile and can be worn open on the helmet, being fixed with support. The visor has two rectangular openings for the eyes and a malt cross for ventilation. This elegant and comfortable helmet attracts attention on the battlefield with details such as the upper crest. The chin has been designed to be worn with Renaissance-style clothing but is also suitable for fantasy settings. This helmet style has been popularized by modern culture as a helmet worn by elves. The chin is fastened with a leather strap under the chin keeping the helmet held. Manufactured with 1 mm thick mild steel and leather, with proper and regular maintenance, this helmet will resist the abuse of multiple LARP games or recreations.


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