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PRODUCT BASICS :- Chainmail are basically classified into following types- Butted and Riveted. Butted chainmail basically belong to Asia (India, China, Japan, Mongolia, Persia). Riveted Chainmail basically belong to Europe (Viking, Medieval, Ancient Rome) From the pre Roman period the rings were composed riveted closed to reduce the chance of splitting of rings when it face thrusting attack or got a hit by arrow or spear. European mails were also made by alternating rows of both solid and riveted rings, but riveted rings was surly used in making European mails. Chainmail which was made without any riveting, butted rings was used in Asia regions like India, Japan, Chian, Turkey etc. If you want to dress up yourself like an European warrior in chainmail shirt or coif you must choose a riveted chainmail shirt or hauberk, the rings of riveted chainmail stay more together and the rings of butted chainmail shirt stay lose or display loose rings. Other then if you look like and Asian warrior or India warrior or Mongolian knight, then butted chainmail and butted chainmail accessories would be great choice.Butted Chainmails are more popular because of it costs less then riveted chainail armors, but if you want more protection you should choose riveted chainmail shirt.


Beautifully designed and in perfect Butted Chainmail is available for sale ,  perfect condition And checked by professional. This stylish Butted Chainmail Shirt  can professionals and beginners For Play And Roles Mostly Used.

Is available for sale at a great discount

we manage best quality in low prices.



  • Leather 100%
  • MS Butted -Oiled or Blackend
  • Chainmail Shirt
  • Chain mail Armour Knight Renaissance Steel
  • Butted Mild Steel ring 9mm,Wire Guage 16 (1.6 MM)

Customers outside the continental U.S. , items will be shipped from our instruments factory in India by express courier and shall also arrive within 5 business Please Wait till & You Will Receive It Soon,  However,Then you may be charged import duties/taxes as applicable in your country. This could be between 5% to 20% of the item value, and payment of these charges will be the buyers responsibility.


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Although we make defect free instruments but also assure you for free replacement of our all the instruments if in rare case found any manufacturing defect in it.

In case you found any defect please contact us with in 15 days of receipts of your instrument and assure you for FREE OF COST replacement or refund your money in full. Shipping fee is not refundable. 



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