Red Gembesion Full Padded Gambeson Front Close (Medium) BY NASIR ALI



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  • It’s totally hand made a Fine quality Item. 100% Hand Crafted (hand forged) in India
  • We use same type of fabric in outer shell and inner lining. It is padded with 1.5cm to 2cm thick.
  • Gambeson is produced with a sewing technique called quilting.
  • Color : Red

Red Gembeson Full Padded Gambeson Front Close

Gambeson is produced with a sewing technique called quilting.

Available Size :- For chest size 30″ 32″ 34″ 36″ 38″ 40″ 42″ 44″ 46″ 48″ 50″ 55″ 60″ 65″

Medium:- Chest-41″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
Large:- Chest-44″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
X-Large:- Chest-47″ Length From Shoulder-40.6″ Sleeve-22″
XX-Large:- Chest-50″ Length From Shoulder-41.3″ Sleeve-25″
XXX-Large:- Chest-54″ Length From Shoulder-41.3″ Sleeve-26″
4X-Large:- Chest-56″ Length From Shoulder-41″ Sleeve-25″
5X-Large:- Chest-58″ Length From Shoulder-42″ Sleeve-26″
6X-Large:- Chest-60″ Length From Shoulder-42″ Sleeve-26″
7X-Large:- Chest-62″ Length From Shoulder-42″ Sleeve-26″


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Although we make defect free instruments but also assure you for free replacement of our all the instruments if in rare case found any manufacturing defect in it.

In case you found any defect please contact us with in 15 days of receipts of your instrument and assure you for FREE OF COST replacement or refund your money in full. Shipping fee is not refundable.


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